Working From Your Home Office Never Looked So Good

The desire for flexibility in where and how people work- namely, working from a home office, has been building for decades. 

FAST FORWARD- since last March, the room once used for the occasional email check or after dinner work call has now become an essential space in the home- THE HOME OFFICE. Whether you are working at home out of necessity or because it is your favorite place to work, the home office is now an everyday occurrence. As a result this room has become indispensable, and the comfort, access, privacy and views have become an important focus in deciding the best place for your dedicated work space.

Work from home comfortably at The Fairways!

At The Fairway Villas there is no need to convert a closet or corner nook into your home office!  The Villas provide multiple options depending on your preference. Offering a front porch view and located right inside the front door, the main floor office space is perfect for plenty of mood-lifting daylight and frequent office visitors. The double door closet contains shelves and plenty of space for your printer and files. French doors leading to the front entryway provide privacy and quiet.

The spacious lower level, which features a large reception area and two generous private rooms, provides plenty of room to spread out a work project or conduct private meetings. The  Walk-Out option also offers tons of natural light and views of the  tees, fairways or putting greens of The Canyon Farms Golf Course.

Though some may miss going into their corporate office space, Kate Lister, president of Global Workplace Analytics, says there is one major plus to working from home for everyone– “It’s added some humanity to us…The dog is going to walk through the meeting, your child is going to walk through. Period. We’ve just relaxed our standards to that. Maybe [working from home] will bring us closer.”

Make the space your own!

Now that the holidays are over and people are settling back into their work routines, it’s a perfect time to to add some freshness and joy to your physical workspace. Joyful spaces are famous New York designer, Jonathan Adler’s specialty. Checkout his latest tips on how to create a home office you’ll love.

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