Our front porches and covered verandas are a fresh-air extension of your home.

Make the most of the springtime weather and enjoy your private outdoor space safely. The Fairways residents are generous in sharing what they like best about their porches and verandas and it ranges from a perfect extension for entertaining to a respite for quiet relaxation to a place to connect with the community.

Some enjoy relaxing in solitude with a cup of coffee in one hand and the morning newspaper or good book in the other hand. Others sip wine on their front porches after their work is done for the day, so they can wave to their neighbors or have a porch side chat.

Of course, the picturesque golf course views and vistas are mentioned often as one of the favorite places to enjoy a beautiful sunrise or appreciate the wonder of a stunning sunset. Offering greetings to the golfers passing by and golf course kibitzing is also a favorite pastime, especially considering it’s one of the few live spectator sports available these days.