Porch Perfection!

Make the Most of Your Outdoor Space!

Your front porch at The Fairways not only provides an inviting entrance into your home, but also provides an outdoor room for enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning or an afternoon read. Fairways residents embrace the opportunity to express their creativity for the entire neighborhood to enjoy, and create a respite from their own busy lives. The addition can add extra living space to your home and give your home exterior a fresh facade.

Adding comfortable chairs or a swing are easy ways to make your space feel more like YOU. Better Homes & Gardens is a great resource for how to build your own! Hanging flower baskets and potted plant gardens also customize your porch. The quietness of the neighborhood creates an inviting ambience to sit and devour a book (or a glass of wine!).

The best part about the outdoor space at The Fairways, is that you have two options. The privacy of the backyard veranda allows you escape the rest of the neighborhood, while the front porch allows you to engage with your neighbors while maintaining distance as they walk by. 

Remember these helpful tips when decorating your porch- embrace symmetry, include fun pillows to brighten the space, and reduce clutter.