“Now you are cooking with gas!”

Ask 100 chefs what type of kitchen stove they prefer, and 96% of them will say gas. Gas is preferable because the burners heat up much faster, there is instant and easier control and gas is the most versatile for grilling, searing and simmering. Gas cooking can also be up to 30% cheaper than cooking with electricity.

But gas stovetops didn’t always rule the day. The saying, “Now you are cooking with gas!” originates back to the late 1930s and early 1940s when all-electric was all-the-rage. Manufacturers of the new gas range were struggling to introduce this new way of cooking. They enlisted the big radio personalities, who were the superstars of the day, to continually exclaim “Now you are cooking with gas!” as a way to allude to someone being on the right track or functioning at a superior level. This catchphrase was intended to boost the sale of the brand-new line of gas-powered stoves just arriving on the market.

Not only did this marketing strategy work, but it also became part of the American lexicon forever. Fast forward to today and professional chefs are still elated when they “are cooking with gas!” We could not agree more! The Fairways feature gas ranges in all of our homes. Our inner chef just couldn’t help it!